A thousand trips in with sweaty, tropical yoga classes, long days at the beach and a couple nights out in mind.  You start to figure out the essentials.


I mean, you can’t be the one over packing for a yoga retreat. Right? Below are our top 10 health and beauty recommendations to bring with you on retreat.



  1. JuicePress Proviotic
  2. Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths
  3. Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF46 facial sunscreen
  4. VMVHypoallergenics ARMADA lip balm SPF60
  5. BobbiBrown Hydrating Face Cream
  6. The Multiple by NARS in South Beach
  7. Grandma Minnie’s Mommycoddling All-Over Lotion
  8. Honest Company Bug Spray
  9. Leilani Bishop Fragrances
  10. Davines OI Oil
  11. Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray
  12. Ray-Ban Folding Classics
  13. Veda July Dress
  14. YFBP x MATMIST Splash

Beauty starts from the inside out as we are all told and as yogis, all know. So, first and very much foremost, JuicePress Proviotic is a must, (especially based on last weeks post). Your yoga retreat dream trip is supposed to make you feel great above all else, but the #1 bug of travel and culprit for not making you feel your finest is a system backup.  Regular Proviotic intake is key as far as we are concerned. Up the intake on retreat, and even before, if you’re feeling “off” or generally have a sensitive stomach. It can’t ever hurt. 

I have tried to wash my face in airplane bathrooms on overnight flights. NOT PRETTY.  Then I had a baby and discovered the amazing world of wipes! They’re not all huggies and pampers either. Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths were the travel gold mine for me (and the non-moms!). It’s like hitting the restart button. Face and hands clean. On the plane or on the beach. BOOM.

Pretty sure we have tried every facial SPF on the market. Skin already under the stress of long flights and travel doesn’t deserve a sun beat down or sub par spf.  Elta MD UV CLEAR Broad-Spectrum SPF46 facial sunscreen is the universal favorite of the YFBP crew.  Oil free and light weight UV protector.  Totally safe for the acne prone and contains transparent Zinc Oxide (so no beach ghost face). Also comes in a universal tinted version.  Perfect as your retreat daytime moisturizer.  Also, in the face protection must have category, VMVHypoallergenics ARMADA lip balm SPF:60: it’s everything. 


Post yoga and beach, evening move? Feed thirtsy skin with (yes, drinking a ton of water!) but for the extra boost, with BobbiBrown Hydrating Face Cream. It basically feels like a silk mask. Not heavy and totally nurturing.

It’s a fact that you don’t need much makeup on retreat.  That yoga glow generally does the trick. The perfect bronzer and your favorite mascara will certainly suffice.  The Multiple by Nars in South Beach is the long time favorite bronzer stick.  Get that cheek bone highlight without the UV beat down. Also works on eyes, lips, body.

Another post baby find…they save all the best stuff for the little people! This all over body lotion was meant for moms and babies alike. Obviously you don’t have to be a mom or a baby to reap the benefits. Grandma Minnie’s Mommycoddling All-over lotion by VMVHypoallergenics is 100% paraben, dye and preservative free. Works for severly dry skin, so awesome for long yoga and beach filled days.  VMVhypoallergenics has a world of top shelf, free-of-all-bad-stuff (so perfect for bad people) products for adults and babies.  (Also my baby’s name is Minnie, so obviously I didn’t stand a chance not getting hooked on this line).


Keep that lovely skin glow. Meaning, don’t let the potential mosquitos of retreat interrupt your vibe. Honest Company Bug Spray .  One of the good ones, only difference is that this one works and won’t over power your Leilani Bishop Fragrance.  Can’t even say which of these three fragrance oil options (Orange Blossom, Pikake & Lilac) is best because they are all heavenly. Created by our beautiful friend Leilani Bishop and served up in the most beautiful glass, roll-on bottle that fits in the smallest of hand bags. Note: the scent of oil compared to perfume lasts much longer, but it looks so nice and you’ll be addicted to the smell you’ll want to carry it with you.


Beach hair IS attainable. Some are fortunate to have it effort free.  Some need an aid or two. The current formula, Davines OI/OIL to keep the humidity frizz at bay and Oribe Thickening Spray for extra texture.


Sunnies. One of the most important retreat items. Won’t lie we probably travel with multiple pairs each, but the tried a true’s, the one’s that can not be left behind, one’s you won’t later regret wearing on the beach with sand all up in the hinges…Ray-ban Folding Classics. Also, they stay on your face! Amen!


VEDA July Dress in Tangerine and Paradise Print– We would call this the retreat dress. The perfect answer to hot retreat nights. Doesn’t matter if its mellow dinner with the group, salsa or samba lessons or night out at the local spot. 

Lastly, because it is a YOGA retreat after all, YFBP teamed up with long time friend, MATMISTto develop an original combination of lemongrass, rosalina & cypress called SPLASH.  First and foremost, Splash acts as a cleansing agent for your yoga mat. This mist is also a brilliant room freshener, bug repellant, deodorant and serves as a muscle tension release. We are basically obsessed with this scent and think it works on and for everything. Thanks!