What makes a YFBP yoga retreat different?
Never being the best "rule followers" ourselves, YFBP combines the traditional style yoga retreat with the traditional style vacation. We like to leave time for people to travel as they prefer to – totally hunkering down into laziness and relaxation, exploring every single attraction and activity in the area, partaking in nightlife, or a combination of the above. We provide a little structure, you play along as you see fit.

I found a cheaper yoga retreat that is similar, is it?
When going on retreat two things become very important: the teacher(s) and the location. We encourage you to go where you have always wanted to go, and to go with people you like – no matter the distance or the cost.

What if I have never done yoga before?
This is a great place to start. You will have an entire week, with lots of personal attention to develop a practice. Sure it could seem overwhelming at times, you might end up sitting out on a session or two, or just observing to help the learning process, but we happily accommodate and encourage all levels. What better place to be sore than the beach.

I'm going by myself, is that ok?
We have had many solo travelers, and it has never been a problem in the past. You will surely make friends, and the environment is also such, that if you want to be more solo on the retreat, you can do that too. If you want to book shared accommodations, we work hard to pair you with the right people.

What is the age range of guests?
Mostly 20's-60's. It is a large range, and we have yet to have anyone under 20, or over 60, but in the right location, we could happily make that work. In this case, it is really about the location more than the actual retreat schedule.

Is it only women?
Don't be ridiculous! We prefer to have a good balance of both men and women, however, it has appeared to be a majority of women in the past. We make the effort to go to locations that offer athletic activities that will be enjoyed by both men and women, so everyone gets to do what they love most (besides yoga).

Do I have to be good at yoga?
No. And please don't be. It's annoying. Yoga is an exploration and continual learning process. We are not interested in competitive yoga. Being "good" at yoga is an interesting topic, and has to do with much more than what meets the eye, flexibility wise. There is always room for growth and a huge spectrum of strengths and weaknesses.



Food Allergies? Food Preferences?
We can handle that. We make sure to provide options for vegans, vegetarians, and other dietary restrictions that can sometimes be challenging when traveling. Just be sure to tell us before hand.

What is the "best time" to go on a Yoga For Bad People retreat?
When you're broke. When you are exhausted. When you just went through a break up. When you just completed a major project. When you feel fat. Basically, it's a no brainer.

Does YFBP book my flight for me?
We do not book flights for most all of our retreats. We generally have guests that come from many different parts of the world, and often want to arrive early, or stay longer, and we leave those decisions up to you.

How do I get from the airport to the retreat center?
We will coordinate transportation for you from the airport to the retreat center. Sometimes this is included in the retreat costs, and sometimes it is an added cost, depending on the location of the retreat. We often coordinate shared rides when it is an added cost among guests landing at the same time, so that the transportation fee decreases per person.

Do I need to bring a mat? Props?
We recommend bringing a mat, but most retreats are held where mats are provided. However, we have learned that these mats are not always as clean as we would like, and therefore we highly recommend you bring your own. The same goes for props- usually the retreat center has them, but not always. (You will definitely be notified per retreat).

What should I pack?
Plan B. Just kidding. Depends of the location of the retreat- usually clothes for the beach, clothes for yoga (if you sweat a lot, enough options), maybe a flashlight, a set of warm clothes and something light to protect you from the rain, which is common in tropical locations. You may also need to bring converters. (Again, depending on which retreat you sign up for, you will receive a rough packing list).