One of the many perks of teaching yoga for so long is that you meet and grow alongside so many other spectacular teachers.

We recently joined forces with the Bandier team to bring yoga into their new space, StudioB, which sits happily above their insanely well merchandised activewear retail store. At StudioB, we finally have the chance to really showcase some of these talented teachers we have met along the way.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce them all to you. Here’s the crew that we know can deliver the YFBP flavor we have developed over the last 4 years.  A touch of #retreatlife right here in NYC.

Jamie Lugo


Born and raised in Northern California, Jamie became a full time New Yorker in 2006. She was a dancer most of her life so the transition to yoga was natural as she needed some serious healing after the many years of wear and tear. She loved how yoga made her feel so she wanted to help others feel the same. After her first training with Pure Yoga NYC she went on to receive her advanced teaching certification from Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, NY. It was at Yoga Shanti she became intrigued with the science of sequencing. She has been a lead mentor in Yoga Shanti’s 200 hour TT program since 2013 and is also a mentor to new teachers at Pure Yoga NYC. Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee are her main teachers as she is so inspired by the practicality and sense of inquiry they bring to the practice.

YFBP loves Jamiebecause she is extremely dedicated to the practice while maintaining a lightheartedness that we crave! That nerd/bad balance kills it every time. 

Jordan Daly


After 13 years working in strategy and marketing for big box luxury companies, Jordan made the transition into the wellness space, and is at the helm of SERENE, Curator of conscious living.

She walked into her first yoga class nine years ago, ‘Man In The Mirror’ by Michael Jackson opened the playlist (dots she would not connect until much later), and began going through the motions of the physical practice.

It wasn’t until after a life-shifting trip to Nicaragua in 2011, did she realize that she had spent a lot of time looking externally for things to make her feel happy and fulfilled and successful.  And that everything she needed….she already possessed. 

Yoga has since become a mental and emotional sanctuary, which allows for deeper self discovery and space. Her path over the past couple of years has led her down that of living her truth in this very beautiful, unexpected, labyrinth-esq way.

Jordan completed her teacher training at Yoga Vida in NYC.  She teaches at Yoga Nest and Yoga Collective in Venice, CA.  Her teaching style is an energetic flow.

YFBP loves Jordan for her unapologetic fierceness. She is literally sugar and spice and all the good in between. We are so thrilled to be teaching with her.

Kajuan Douglas


Kajuan teaches an energized, spiritual and athletic vinyasa flow practice. He incorporates many facets of the Yoga tradition/culture to create a well rounded exploration of yoga. His classes are challenging and inspiring, just as life is, believing the practice is a mirror to our lives. With the use of dynamic and static postures linked with fluid transitions, his classes aim to strengthen and free not only the body, but most importantly the mind. He emphasizes pranayama, kriyas, mudras and meditation with a touch of Bhakti to invite the transformative power of yoga to sharpen awareness and elevate ourselves towards freedom and/or relaxation.

YFBP loves Kajuan for being one of the most bad ass dudes of the yoga community. Swimming in a sea of women, he stands out for his ability to fill a room with energy and sweat! He is all heart and hard work. Nothing better.

Kat Colla


Originally from Arizona, Kat began a regular practice in 2006. She has the deepest respect for how it not only inspires change but allows a gradual return to who we are meant to be. She is grateful for her 200-hour training with Yoga to the People and equally honored to have completed an advanced training with Kelly Morris under the Conquering Lion tradition. But a teacher never stops being a student. She is eternally thankful to all her teachers, especially her students, who continue to teach her more then she could ever imagine.

Her classes encourage movement of the body to invigorate the breath and to maintain a present and attentive mind. She creates a unique and challenging sequence imbued with traditional asanas and attention to detail. Every body is different and her goal is to help each recognize the benefits of building a balanced body, a full breath, and a more awakened sense of being.

YFBP loves Kat. It is just that simple. Her humor and ability to transform difficulty with understanding is astonishing. With that she is able to connect in a simple and profound way. She also has the best laugh in the game.

Samantha Moriarty


Samantha took her first yoga class in 2008 to cope with the loss of her sister, and hasn’t left her mat since. Although she loves the physical benefits of yoga, her practice has remained rooted in the emotional and spiritual transformation that comes with the asana.

Samantha teaches vinyasa and prenatal yoga classes at Yoga Vida in New York City. Her teachings come from the deepest appreciation for what the body is capable of and the belief that, through yoga, we discover the profound connection between the body and the mind. Her classes are thoughtful and playful – striving to explore, awaken and transform.

YFBP loves Sam because she embodies the essence of the NYC yoga teacher. She is as beautiful as they come and has a quality of lightness that is beyond refreshing. She manages to pull this off while balancing her far from mild yoga career with a full time advertising position at Yahoo. The girl can get things done. Side note: she has traveled to 26 countries, and headed towards her goal of 30! YFBP at heart.


Yoga For Bad People classes at StudioB will be every Tuesday at 6pm and Thursday at 6:30pm. Check the StudioB mindbody for schedule, sign-up and specific teacher. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity to offer weekly NYC classes. xx

February Schedule :

Tuesday 2/2 – 6:00pm w/ Katelin Sisson

Thursday 2/4 – 6:30pm w/ Jamie Lugo

Sunday 2/7 – 10:30am w/ Jordan Daly

Tuesday 2/9 – 6:00pm w/ Heather Lilleston

Thursday 2/11 – 6:30pm w/ Heather Lilleston

Tuesday 2/16 – 6:00pm w/ Kat Colla

Thursday 2/18 – 6:30pm w/ Katelin Sisson

Tuesday 2/23 – 6:00pm w/ Jamie Lugo

Thursday 2/25 – 6:30pm w/ Katelin Sisson