What do Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Prince, Frida Kahlo, Lil Wayne, Georgia O’Keefe, Yoga For Bad People and Rick Ross all have in common? All dope. All landed a spot on artist/designer Dana Veraldi’s line DeerDana. A serious honor.


Our buddy Dana Veraldi, co-founder of DeerDana, is the sweetheart behind the t-shirt. Possibly the nicest person we know, Dana just wanted an easy way to share her art and her sense of humor with her friends. She came up with a simple yet shockingly clever line drawing of a notable on a super soft T. PURE GOLD. 

Chances are, you’ve seen these recognizable original design shirts (or maybe a tote) as you stroll through city. You might’ve spotted a celebrity wearing a T-shirt featuring a fellow celeb, or maybe it was the GQ magazine piece (nbd). Dana basically created the coolest groupie T out there. She didn’t just stop at singer and band Ts though; she branched out and went athletes, artists, writers, actors, rappers and…yoga teachers. She is in constant collaboration with small business owners to give her twist to their vibe. It’s like the automatic stamp of cool to have your brand sealed in DeerDana style.

Of course we went after DeerDana to team up with us for one of our very first collaborations.  We couldn’t think of anyone as well matched for YFBP.


I do my best to get over to her studio every week (my baby loves her!). On one of those visits, we exchanged some questions. We love her quick-fire style: simple, accessible and to-the-point. Sometimes that’s the most memorable…just like her Ts.

YFBP - what does “bad” mean to you? What makes you bad?

DV - Bad means taking risks, not knowing what will happen!

YFBP -  what spawned DeerDana?

DV – I wanted an easy way to share the things & people I love with others.

YFBP -  how have you carved your own path?

DV - I work a lot but I am very lucky to be doing my own thing! In addition to my company, DEERDANA, I consult creatively for a couple fashion brands. I am constantly surrounded by amazing, creative, uplifting people. 


YFBP - what is your school/fashion/art background? 

DV - I went to Syracuse University for 2 years and then transferred and graduated from MICA, an art school in Baltimore. I studied photography with a minor in graphic design.

YFBP - what inspires you?

DV – my friends, my grandmothers, NYC, earth, traveling


YFBP - How do you blow off steam?

DV - Dancing, singing, spending time outdoors. 


YFBP - Dream Day……

DV – breakfast with my bestfriend, shopping,  bookstore, farmers market, wandering around the city, cooking dinner with friends and family.

YFBP - What is your favorite in city escape?

DV – AIRE bath house in Tribeca!

YFBP - How do you practice yoga…(separate from yoga class style)?

DV - Remembering to breathe deeply when stressed, randomly going into child’s pose.


YFBP - Can you tell us about your favorite travel experience?

DV – renting a house on the coast of Italy with my family

YFBP - where would you want to go with YFBP??

DV - Hawaii !

YFBP - Whats your favorite of all your DeerDana designs?

DV - Steve Jobs


YFBP - Life Philosophy/ personal mantra…..

DV – “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh” – Maya Angelou



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