When the plants look like this, you know things are alright

Our second retreat in this magical oasis, Santa Teresa, and Costa Rica keeps getting better. Our retreat landed right in the end of the rainy season, where all the plants were abundance and glimmering all day in the sun. We were here during the historical Election between Clinton and Trump, which in all honestly, was an incredible place to be. The sullen and sorrowful energy of the group watching the results rolling in, has the humidity and abundance of such obvious and alert nature to absorb any negativity or fear out of our bodies. We felt more than ever before that nature has the true ability to heal, and to remind us all of the biggest powers in the world besides government and laws and false forms of hierarchical power. 

Below is a little visual recap of the week. We are certainly going back every year to this perfect retreat spot right on the beach. Come with us!

View from the Main House

Main House Pool

Walkway to the Beach and Studio from the House

Jenn and Hope en route for some ocean goodness

Welcoming committee

Mid-class with Samantha, shot from the mat

Tanning, backside


Surf Lesson with Richard

Sunset Horseback riding


Water falling for you costa

Sunbeams everywhere

Heather Lilleston