Dream Retreat

Below we share moments from our first Deep Retreat in Montana at The Feathered Pipe.  

Hard to explain profound weeks. Hard to explain in words what actually happens when people come together in silence and study, not just any kind of topic too - topics about ending death and overcoming time, and ending all sickness and being free from mental afflictions forever. 

A week where no one was on intoxicants - well okay there were a few almond butter jars emptied and some serious vegan gluten free cakes enjoyed with coffee - but all in all we spent most of our time sitting on the floor on cushions, talking philosophy, closing our eyes, laying on pranayama set ups, building up towards 5 minute headstands, experimenting with skin brushing and neti pots, working through sanskrit verses slowly but surely, and reclining at the end with the setting sun of autumn.

Golden leaves fell, then it snowed, followed by rain, the sun came out, rainbows were made and it all seemed to go hand in hand with what we were working on inside, not only inside the lodge, but deep inside our minds, body and hearts. 

When you go in, giving yourself some days to drop in, stop using money or texting too much, spend all your time on teachings, well, magic does happen. And when you come out, slowly as well of course to honor the fragility of the work, you cannot wait to go back in. And maybe even further next time.

Heather Lilleston