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JANUARY 7-11th, 2019


Heather Lilleston



Cause, Effect & Future Planning

Heather Lilleston


Do you feel like you keep ending up in the same hole? 

Do you feel like patterns aren't shifting?

How often do you think “what should I do?”

Sometimes things seem to work when you do XYZ, sometimes they don’t.

Ever wonder, WHY?

JANUARY 7th - JANUARY 11th, 2019

Classes are posted Monday - Friday at 3pm - 5pm PST 

(10 hours of continuing education)

You can watch them recorded LIVE at this time, or watch later on your own time!

A 1 week online course designed to kick start your year (and maybe the rest of your life) into action. 

And not just regular old action, but REAL ACTIONS that lead to the RESULTS you are looking for. This requires understanding the intricate nature of actions themselves. 

We will study tools from the yoga and buddhist traditions used to remove negative imprints from your mind (so you can get rid of the stuff that keeps “getting in your way”), guide you to deciding which actions to engage with to get the results you are looking for, and how to take personal responsibility for your own happiness and well being on the daily. 


Tune in for a FACEBOOK LIVE lesson (can be watched later if necessary

Complete Written Homework & Final Exam

Meditate Daily

Track your Mind in a Journal

In this Online Course, we will explore the real causes of things. Everything has a cause, but most of the time we are mistaking our current situation for being the result of some recent decisions or actions, when in fact, the two are not related at all.     

Understanding cause and effect is the essential component to answering the question “What Should I Do?” about anything, really.

We think one thing caused the other, but a pineapple seed does NOT produce a watermelon, even though we keep mistaking the pineapple seed we planted for the watermelon in front of us. 

Don’t wait for something to come around and fix the world for you. This course is a strong reminder of one’s own personal power to create future experiences you want, and directly addresses an immediate removal of the blame game. We will discuss and explore logic proofs that work with uprooting the patterns in our minds that tend to lean into blame and victimhood and how to activate the patterns that lead to the kind of experiences we want to have in the future.




Monday January 7th

3-5pm PST

Tuesday January 8th

3-5pm PST

Wednesday January 9th

3-5pm PST

Thursday January 10th

3-5pm PST

Friday January 11th

3-5pm PST


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